Total Body Kettlebell Workout

Total Body Kettlebell Workout

Here's a quick full-body kettlebell workout you can do at home - featuring Lilla!

Repeat 2-3x: 30 sec ON & 30 sec OFF⁣

1. KB Single Arm Rack Reverse Lunges to Cleans ⁣

2. KB RDLs to Squat High Pulls ⁣

3. KB Front Raises to Pistol Squats ⁣

4. KB Low 2-way Split Squat Pulses⁣

5. KB Reverse Nordics ⁣

6. KB High Plank Rows⁣

7. KB Russian Twist with Press ⁣

8. KB Single Arm Floor Press to Sit Ups⁣

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Lilla Juhasz

Lilla is originally from Hungary, earned a degree in Exercise and Sport Science at Campbell University. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and has an extensive background in athletics (304) 617-8759