The Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack

Mike & Lilla lend their expertise to give you a full-body training experience you wont soon forget

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Sunday Scaries RTP Boxyard

Sunday Scaries is a series of fun and metabolic boosting workouts performed at a high intensity.

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Virtual Wolf

Virtual training paired with an app to track all progress, keep up with your trainer, and get customized guidance specific to you!

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Maned Wolf

Take out your daily frustrations with this boxing class!

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Red Wolf

High Intensity Interval TRX Training

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Dire Wolf

Each class is designed to be different and push you out of your comfort zone! For all fitness levels - we modify every exercise.

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Black Wolf

Focuses on intense isolation exercises with free weights and resistance.

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Try This No Equipment Core Blast

This quick 3 minute CORE BLAST workout is sure to get your heart pumping - with no equipment needed!

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Medicine Ball HIIT Fat Burner

If you've got a medicine ball - you've got a workout!

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No-Equipment HIIT Legs Workout You Can Do At Home!

Here's a quick no equipment HIIT Legs workout you can do at home!

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